Nugteren Transport has a varied fleet of vehicles. Our crane truck department can transport and install the most complex loads.
Our outstanding equipment, flexible planning and motivated professionals enable us to offer the best possible service.
For long and high loads, we have truck/trailer combinations with a crane capacity of 60 tons/metre to 85 tons/metre.
This allows us to lift approximately 15 tons with a short mast, and we can still lift 3.5 tons with a long mast with a length of approximately 15 metres.

The trailers have a loading floor height of 80 cm that can be extended to 15 metres. Hydraulic control of the trailer gives us the manoeuvrability to reach difficult locations with ease.
Using our container/trailer combination with a crane capacity of 35 tons/metre to 85 tons/metre we can also reach the smallest sites with large volumes. Using an extendable trailer enables us to transport loads to 6.5 metres on the container and 10 metres on the trailer in one journey.

Our equipment is in excellent condition. This also applies to our standard equipment, such as the needle and lifting equipment. Our people are qualified, and our cranes are TUV approved.