We offer various transport options, such as oversize loads, hot steel transport, truck-mounted cranes and normal transport. We obtain our transport permits and we organise our own transport support. Our aim is to offer a total concept and to achieve what we have promised. Our excellent quality, specialised fleet of vehicles and enthusiastic specialists make it a pleasure to work with us. Nugteren Transport has small to large tarpaulin covered box trucks with tarpaulin side curtains, sliding roofs, pallet jacks and tail lifts. We also have normal and mega tarpaulin-covered trailers, all with side curtains and sliding roofs.
Our specialised trailers with Libner superstructures allow us to move the entire sliding hood to the front to create a flat trailer with ramps that can be extended by 6 metres. We also have several vans to deliver your urgent shipments to the right destination as quickly as possible.We work with a TMS software package that streamlines all information between the planning department and the drivers with a mobile app. This gives us real-time information on the status of your cargo. Once the delivery has been made, an image of the signed waybill is sent to the office and automatically added to the trip’s file.
Our trucks are monitored live so our planning department can immediately see the location of the vehicle and even at what speed it is moving.

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